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We love creativity, art and embraced the idea of doing something unique. Our goal is to make our clients have the best memorable experiences as possible.  With the endless opportunities we provide, we are able to bring your thoughts and dream events to life! We are not like planners/coordinators that come standard with venue rentals or coordinators who charge very little with no experience. We are knowledgeable, seasoned, professionals with actual planning and art backgrounds. We are talented individuals who have worked in the event and design industry for over 20+ years.

The saying "You get what you pay for" has a lot of meaning in this industry and you want to ensure you are hiring the best team for your special days. - you definitely want someone who you can trust has the knowledge to make it amazing!

Decorating Wedding Table


Belle's Design Team plan and produce parties and weddings around the world for couples, corporations, non-profit organizations, and social hosts of all kinds. 

Each member has extensive knowledge and experience of all aspects of the event industry as well as a creative/artistic backgrounds with designing experience. 

Our floral design department will create any silk bouquet, centerpieces, special occasion bouquet, cemetery florals, service florals or anything you may need, and these items can be shipped directly to you! 

We offer Decor/Floral rental services as well for your budget friendly needs. 

What also makes this us so incredible for our clients is that each planner has access to our entire team of back-end business support as they plan your wedding so that they can remain focused on YOU.

Our clients say they’d never be able to live without the tools we provide for them for their special events! 

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