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Types of Wedding Decorations Provided by Professional Wedding Planners

Decorations can be a nightmare to plan for any wedding. There are many different types and styles of wedding decorations available in the market today. There is a huge variety of flowers, colors, decoration items, and unique ideas for decorating your wedding venue. If you don't have expertise in this field, it is better to contact professionals who can do the job with passion and get everything done according to your wishes. Listed below are some types of wedding decorations that you can get from professional wedding planners.


Centerpieces are probably the most common type of decoration at weddings. It used to be that the centerpiece had to be a floral display, but over the years, tablescapes have become more creative. Nowadays, you can include almost anything in your centerpieces, like books, candles, or mason jars. You can also put many items inside a centerpiece - from candy bars and cake displays to wine bottles and vases filled with floating candles.

Floral Decorations

This type of decoration adds beauty to any event. Expert florists will choose flowers depending on their size, color, shape, seasonality, and price. Understandably, the right combination will create an unforgettable impression on all guests at your wedding reception. Floral arrangements may be sold during both pre-wedding sales or just before the date itself - there are no rules in this case. It's up to you and your budget.

Decorative lighting

The most common types of lighting are candles, chandeliers, and lanterns that can be either hung on the ceiling or placed on the tables. This type of decoration adds sparkle to any event and makes the difference in creating that special atmosphere at weddings. Expert lighting designers will choose decorative candles depending on their color, shape, size, scent, and price.

You can find candles in a variety of colors – white, cream, or yellow. They also have different shapes – round ones or cube-shaped ones. Don't forget to talk to your wedding planner regarding what kind of candles are appropriate for your event - this is an important decision as it impacts the whole atmosphere of the wedding reception. A candle color scheme can be coordinated with other decorations at your venue, so you need to consider this aspect ahead of time.


Many chandeliers are used for wedding decorations - glass, crystal, acrylic, and metallic ones. You can choose transparent or colored chandeliers that will match the color scheme of your wedding ceremony. There are no specific conditions in terms of colors since everything depends on your preferences.


Lanterns are perfect for weddings in summer! They look great both outdoors and indoors (especially if you're getting married during the night). Their beauty lies in the fact that they create a very intimate atmosphere. There are many types of lanterns available – glass ones and wooden ones. Don't forget about the color options as well.


Balloons are great for filling up empty spaces at weddings when used creatively. We like to employ strategically placed balloon columns behind guests' seating areas or at reception entrances. They serve dual purposes:

v Giving the illusion that the room is much bigger

v Creating instant focal points.


Curtains are beautiful for front doorways or archways because they create an instant drop-off point for guests to find their seats without making it obvious where the ceremony will take place (usually at the front). If you're not planning on having any religious ceremony, drapes are great for the doors to the dance floor or stage.


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