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Full Planning and Partial Planning Options

Full and partial planning packages offer varying levels of assistance to couples planning their wedding or clients planning a special event.

The Full Planning Package offers comprehensive assistance to couples embarking on the journey of wedding planning. From the initial stages of venue selection

to the final moments of the wedding/special day, this

package provides a dedicated professional to guide couples

and clients through every step of the process.


The Partial Planning Package offers couples a tailored level of

assistance, providing support where needed while allowing

for greater flexibility and involvement in the planning process.

Designed for couples who have already begun planning or

have a clear vision for their wedding, this package offers

expert guidance to streamline the process and ensure a

cohesive and memorable event.

Why not still enjoy life and have fun knowing we have your


Beautiful Couple

*We also offer customized packages! 


Best Suited For: Couples who have busy schedules or those who simply prefer to have professional guidance throughout the entire planning process. This package is ideal for couples who want to be heavily involved in decision-making but also want expert assistance to bring their vision to life without the stress of managing all the details themselves.

  • Includes all details in our Day of Coordination Package  (Coordination on the Wedding Day: Overseeing setup, managing the timeline, and handling any last-minute issues or emergencies on the day of the event)

  • Venue Selection: Assisting in finding and booking the perfect venue based on the couple's/client preferences, budget, and guest count.

  • Vendor Selection and Management: Recommending and coordinating with vendors such as caterers, photographers, florists, DJs, etc. Negotiating contracts and managing communication. (*depending on location, we may be able to offer direct vendor booking where we will hire all or some vendors on your behalf, so you only have one invoice and one agreement with us!)

  • Budget Management: Creating and managing a comprehensive budget, tracking expenses, and providing guidance on cost-saving strategies.

  • Design and Décor Assistance: Helping with theme development, décor selection, and overall aesthetic vision for the wedding. (Option to add on a design/decor package customized by our award-winning designers.)

  • Timeline Creation and Management: Developing a detailed timeline for the entire planning process and the wedding day itself, ensuring that all tasks are completed on time.



Best Suited For: Couples/Clients who have already started the planning process but may need assistance with specific aspects or those who have a clear vision but require professional guidance to execute it effectively. This package is suitable for couples/clients who want to be somewhat involved in the planning process but would benefit from expert advice and assistance to ensure a successful and stress-free special day.

  • Includes all details in our Day of Coordination Package  (Day Coordination: Providing coordination and oversight on the day of the wedding to ensure that everything runs smoothly according to plan.)

  • Vendor Referrals and Coordination: Providing recommendations for vendors based on the couple's preferences and budget. Assisting in booking selected vendors and managing communication.

  • Budget Guidance: Offering advice on budget allocation and cost-saving tips within specific categories, such as catering, entertainment, and décor.

  • Timeline Assistance: Assisting in creating a timeline for the planning process and the wedding day, ensuring that important milestones are met.

  • Design Consultation: Offering guidance on wedding themes, décor ideas, and overall aesthetic vision. (Option to add on a design/decor package customized by our award-winning designers.)

You don't have to plan this alone.
You need a team and we are here to help! 


Our investment varies based on the complexity of your event.

Click the “Inquire Now” button to contact us for custom pricing information on any service.

Once we receive your request, we will reach out to you to connect further so that we can discuss the appropriate level of guidance and support needed for your event.

We can’t wait to hear from you and look forward to guiding you on your journey to “I do!”

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